Monday Morning Review: Local Governments in the Federal Appellate Courts

Here are last week’s published decisions involving local governments:NinthCircuit

Third Circuit

  • M.R. v. Ridley School District, No. 12-4137 (Feb. 20, 2014) (finding under Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act that for “stay put” period: (1) school district must reimburse parents for private-school costs even if parents do not file a claim for payment until after a court has ruled for the school; and (2) the parents’ right to interim funding extends through the time of judicial appeal.).

Fourth Circuit

Seventh Circuit

Ninth Circuit

  • Sheehan v. City and County of San Francisco, No. 11-16401 (Feb. 21, 2014) (finding that: (i) triable issues of fact exist about whether officers’ entry of home and use of force violated the Fourth Amendment; (ii) the district court properly found that the City was not liable under Monell v. Dept. of Social Services, 436 U.S. 658 (1978); (iii) Title II of the ADA applies to arrests, and that there is a triable issue about whether officers failed to reasonably accommodate Sheehan’s disability).

(Feb. 17, 2014-Feb.21, 2014).

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