Tuesday Morning Review: Local Governments in the Federal Appellate Courts

Here are last week’s published decisions involving local governments:Alexandria-court

First Circuit

  • Gericke v. Begin, No. 12-2326 (May 23, 2014) (affirming denial of qualified immunity for police officers on First-Amendment retaliatory prosecution claim where plaintiff was arrested after she attempted to film a traffic stop).

Eighth Circuit

  • Walton v. Dawson, No. 12-4000 (May 20, 2014) (affirming in part and reversing in part denial of qualified immunity in failure-to-train claims against officers arising out of jail-cell attack that occurred after officers did not lock cell doors).

Ninth Circuit

  • Chaudhry v. City of Los Angeles, No. 11-55820 (May 19, 2014) (in case where family of person shot and killed by Los Angeles police officer was not notified of death for 21 days, reversing district court’s decision to strike $1 million damages award and finding, among other things, that California’s prohibition against pre-death pain and suffering damages in survival actions limits recovery too severely to be consistent with the deterrence policy underlying 42 U.S.C. § 1983).


Image courtesy of Flickr by Tim Evanson (creative-commons license, no changes made).