Monday Morning Review: Local Governments in the Federal Appellate Courts

Catching up on recent published decisions involving local governments:court collumn

First Circuit

  • S. Kingstown Sch. Cmte v. Joanna S., No. 14-1177 (Dec. 9, 2014): The court ruled in Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (“IDEA”) case that settlement agreement relieved school committee of obligation to perform or fund evaluations, and remanded to determine whether Joanna S. is entitled to attorney’s fees.

Second Circuit

Fourth Circuit

Fifth Circuit

  • Burnside v. Kaelin, No. 13-41344 (Dec. 9, 2014): In case filed by deputy sheriff who claims that he was terminated for exercise of his First-Amendment rights, the court affirmed in part and reversed in part district court’s denial of motion to dismiss complaint on qualified-immunity grounds.

Sixth Circuit

Seventh Circuit

Eighth Circuit

Ninth Circuit

Tenth Circuit

D.C. Circuit


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